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United States

theGRQP is a [very] small design studio in San Francisco that creates unique state, city and neighborhood prints. The subject matter of each print invokes the spirit of that specific area using animals, landmarks, mottos and more. Each print is made with care to display the fantastic local pride shared by residents and locale admirers alike.

theGRQP is known for its San Francisco neighborhood prints, typography prints and series 256.

Behind the scenes

Learn more about how we developed the ideas behind the San Francisco neighborhood prints and Series 256.

Have you ever wondered why we picked a certain animal for a neighborhood print or what the color squares mean in Series 256? Go behind the scenes at theGRQP and find the answers to your questions below!

Neighborhood Prints

San Franciscans (and the greater Bay Area residents) have immense pride in their cities, and often define themselves by the neighborhood they live in. We recognized that each neighborhood has a unique identity, and felt an animal would be the best representation of it. Each area required some research and detective work. We gathered most of our information from internet searches or books but some really interesting findings came from enlisting the help from locals to decide upon the best animal. There are over 90 large neighborhoods in San Francisco alone, not to mention all the amazing cities in the surrounding Bay Area and we can't wait to create more prints for the remaining 'hoods.

Series 256

Series 256 was born of the desire to appreciate art from a different angle. Famous pieces of art have an international following and have been explored in many forms, but we wanted to study only the colors. In Series 256, the color blocks don't create a pixelated version of the original image, they just celebrate the beautiful palette within each piece. Each print contains 256 of the most commonly occurring colors randomized so the true hues shine through.