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theGRQP is a [very] small design studio in San Francisco that creates unique state, city and neighborhood prints. The subject matter of each print invokes the spirit of that specific area using animals, landmarks, mottos and more. Each print is made with care to display the fantastic local pride shared by residents and locale admirers alike.

theGRQP is known for its San Francisco neighborhood prints, typography prints and series 256.


Thoughts, musings, inspiration, sneak peeks, upcoming events and more can all be found here.

The South of Marketplace Holiday Fair

Katya Hoogerhuis

Well, better late than never! It's been four months since we put on our first fair and it's about time we did a recap of the event. Organizing, hosting and running a fair was more work than we had ever imagined but it was such a rewarding experience. We got to meet incredible local artists, cooks, and makers, support a fantastic local charity and partner with an awesome team at the Folsom Street Foundry (where you should book your next event!)

The South of Marketplace Holiday Fair brought in hundreds of customers to shop at the booths of our 40+ vendors. While those numbers are great, we are even more pleased with how generous our vendors were with donating their goods to our charity raffle and how supportive the public was buy purchasing raffle tickets. We raised over $500 for Larkin Street Youth Services - thank you!!!

For a little walk down memory lane, check out the gallery below. (All the booths looked amazing!) Big thanks to Matt Pham Photography for shooting the event.

And one more for the road...can't forget the awesome SmileBooth! You can check out all the other great GIFs people made with SmileBooth here. Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us and all the local talent at the fair.