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theGRQP is a [very] small design studio in San Francisco that creates unique state, city and neighborhood prints. The subject matter of each print invokes the spirit of that specific area using animals, landmarks, mottos and more. Each print is made with care to display the fantastic local pride shared by residents and locale admirers alike.

theGRQP is known for its San Francisco neighborhood prints, typography prints and series 256.


Thoughts, musings, inspiration, sneak peeks, upcoming events and more can all be found here.

CA12X12 Show at Gauntlet Gallery

Shawn Cordeiro

The Lower Polk area continues to house some great art galleries. Even though solid fixtures like Space Gallery and Gallery 1988 are now gone, places like White Walls and Gauntlet Gallery are still going strong. These particular galleries have been the source of so much inspiration in many of my personal works, and I am grateful to have them in my backyard.

The Kaepernicker

Last year, a lucky encounter afforded me an invite from the owner of Gauntlet Gallery to show my Wanderer piece in the 12X12 Visions and Reflections show (the piece was a play on Caspar David Friedrich's Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog). The show went well, and in March of this year, I received another invite to the CA12X12 show. This show featured a compilation of works from 50 different California artists, including a locally flavored piece by yours truly, called The Kaepernicker. Again, a piece that's a mash-up of sorts, this time between Rodin's Thinker and Colin Kaepernick's signature bicep kiss.

There was a lot of great talent at the show, and it was an honor to be a part of it all.  Looking forward to next year.

The spirit behind this annual event lies in the belief that artists exist in a world free from rules, restrictions or limitations. As such, each contributing artist was given an identical 12”X12” wood panel and asked to simply create. The artists were not confined by the wooden canvas, nor were they assigned a specific theme or concept. Our goal was to provide an open platform for young and emerging artists, granting them free reign to express themselves.
— Gauntlet Gallery