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United States

theGRQP is a [very] small design studio in San Francisco that creates unique state, city and neighborhood prints. The subject matter of each print invokes the spirit of that specific area using animals, landmarks, mottos and more. Each print is made with care to display the fantastic local pride shared by residents and locale admirers alike.

theGRQP is known for its San Francisco neighborhood prints, typography prints and series 256.


Quick tips on how to make your print look it's best.

Did you know you can frame our 13x16 prints with standard frames?

It's as easy as buying a 16x20 frame and a 16x20 mat with an 11x14 opening. Your new GRQP print has never looked so classy. Be the envy of all your friends with a beautifully framed print without the hefty price tag of custom framing.

If you want a slightly smaller frame and feel confident in trimming the 1 inch white border off of your prints, there are also standard 11x14 frames you can purchase. The printed area is exactly 11x14 so they will fit perfectly in the frame.

Contact us if you have any questions about framing your prints.